The palm tree:

A palm tree looks strong, sturdy and beautiful. Psalm 92:12 likens the life of a righteous man to a palm tree that flourishes at all times.

Characteristics of palm trees:

  1. Palm trees are easily spotted and identified. They are unique in outlook.
  2. They are fruitful
  3. Palm trees have many uses
  4. Palm trees are durable.

They are deep rooted

Christian’s should be like the palm tree. They should be distinctive, fruitful, and durable

Spices of the palm tree:

The palm tree is a graceful tree. It adorns a city. Where palm trees are found, one can behold how graceful and lovely they look . The true Christian is like a palm tree; he also bring grace and beauty to the place where he is. The real Christian in their place of work must show themselves as light that can not be hidden. Mathew 5:16

Our creative ability:

Creativity is the ability to think about a task in a new way or the ability to use the imagination to generate new ideas .

Man was created in the image of God. Part of this image is the creative ability to create; design and construct.

God put in a man his creative ability to create and recreate

When we are connected to God, we have access to superior ideas which enable us to create and recreate.

Our productivity is what determines our level of influence on the earth and the minimum requirement for achievement is just an idea.

You can move from failure to success and from lack to abundance by receiving ideas and by turning those ideas into reality. The power of the human mind is on display and you have a part to play in this by creating and recreating.

Have Vision

Vision is the key to success. Without vision you are just playing games with your life. Men and women with vision see more than others.

Your imagination is one of the most powerful thing you possess. Imagination is your dream machine. Successful people organize special dream times. Time to dream big dreams .

There is nothing that excites and motivates people like a vision to accomplish something special.when you cease to dream you cease to live.

Start dreaming and keep on dreaming. Most of us have vast potential that has never been developed simply because we failed to recognise it or the circumstances in our life have never required it.

Your dream are like a huge motivational magnet they help you through life points. Constantly dare to dream if you want your life and those you work with to be vital in the future spend time letting your imagination soar.

Vision is feeling challenged by the world around you and being compelled to make a mark in it through the force of your own ideas, and resources.

Vision must be clear, concise and focus. Set realistic reachable goals otherwise you will become discouraged.

A successful person is one who has the courage to dream, the ability to organise and the strength to execute the action necessary. A leader is simply one who know where he/she wants to go, get up and goes.


The commands God gives are for our own good. When we obey, we please him because we promote our own well-being and open the door to his kind of peace. We tap into the wonderful treasure descrbed in psalm 31:19, which says “oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men”.

God gave us his word and his spirit so we can retrain our souls to think as he thinks, act as he acts, and enjoy the goodness he has laid up for us. He gave us his commands to help us learn to avoid sin not because he wants to deprive us of pleasure or box us with rules, but for us to have abundant life.

Look at worry, for example: God understood long before medical science that it is dangerous, so he told us in the Bible to rid ourselves of it. He assured us in his word that he would take care of us and commanded us not to stress out and be fearful about the future: Jesus said in Matthew 6:25-34 that we should take no thought for our life , what we shall eat , or what we shall drink or what we shall put on.

Three times in that one passage of scripture God commands us not to worry. Research has recently revealed, that worry and stress shorten our lives. They are major causes of disease, premature aging, and early death .

Thousands of years ago, when the bible was being written, people didn’t realize that stress can cause diseases and countless ailments. But God did so to help us avoid those things. He gave us instructions such as :

  • Casting all your care upon him ;for he careth for him (1 Peter 5:6-7)
  • Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything.Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done Philippians 4:6.
  • Be not afraid only believe ( mark 5:36)


Successful people recognise that developing skills is a lifetime pursuit. It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes them from others.

The people who succeed are nzybs have the self-discipline to develop themselves.

Successful people learn to be successful. Those who will not take time to keep up-to-date in our competitive society will be left behind you must work harder on your job. Your life will change when you change.

There is something magnetic about people who know where they are going in life. Good feelings and positive energy radiate from such people.

Suggestions to Build a better you:

Cultivate in yourself the qualities you admire most in others and maintain confidence and self development.

Don’t despise small Beginnings:

There are people who would have become global leaders today but the problem many of us are facing is that, we refused to start small. You may have been using the Google search engine but you may not know how that company came about. As Standford A Graduate students, Larry page and Sergey Brin started what is now known as Google from someone’s garage in September 1998. If you want to be successful in life, you must learn to start small. Many of the world’s great businesses you are seeing today started very small. In 1939,Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded, HP in Packard’s garage. HP is now, one of the largest companies in the world.

Even if you have very little money and very little experience. If you are ready to start small and keep learning, only God can determine the height to which you will get. Don’t become unthankful in your small success. Appreciate God for every little thing.

Your life and your destiny

Every child of God is destined for success. You were born to be a winner. God equips people to be successful and He expects people to make it in life.

Position yourself where God wants you to be and your life can become what you want it to be. If you want your life to be better, you can find time to make it better.

Do things in an extraordinary way. Whatever business you are doing, make it differently. Don’t be average, go an extra mile.

Don’t follow the majority! Don’t do what everybody is doing. Do your own things. Do not copy what Mr B or C is doing. The fact that your friend is making it big in a particular business, does not mean that you will make it in that business too. What you should do is to search for your own that will announce you.

You must know what you want and you must not just dance to the tune or dictates of family and friends.

Some people will not move until they are pushed. Don’t just sit-down and wait for people to push you. Inspire yourself and be determined to achieve success despite all odds.

If you are determined to succeed, then You must make proper preparation.

If you are a sleep addict then you have fail. The Bible warns the children of God against too much sleep.

If you are interested in becoming successful, you must be able to control your character, words and actions while you are under pressure. Ensure that you have absolute control of what comes out of your mouth.

You must engage yourself in self-discovery . You need to study yourself and understand who you are you must know your limitations and opportunities. You must study your weaknesses and close dangerous gaps. You must also understand your strength and use it positively to transform your life.

Develop your Resources

Develop your Resources

Most of us are like forest (virgin land) undeveloped, lying underneath the grasses that need to be cleared away to make the soil usable.

What we need is hard work. We need to drive ourselves until we have developed the rich resources within us.

The time to do it is now. Being today to clean up that rich land in your nature and get into production at once.

Determine your future. Settle what you are going to do. Form the habits of studying. Learn to save the moments, the hour will take care of themselves. Form the habit of concentration, downright hard thinking, drive your mind, develop your mind, kill laziness indecision and wastefulness of ability and time must be destroyed.

Fight for time. It is the most valuable asset you have. Cut the corner. Save every moment. Be exact with yourself. Put yourself on a schedule. Make yourself to do your best

Wasting time is wasting ability. It is wasting the thing that makes you worth while

Learn to use it. Make your time your wealth. Make moments pay dividends. Carve out of every day that which spells success for tomorrow.

Make yourself worth while. Make people want you. Make yourself so attractive, so valuable that men will hunt after you. Make opportunities where no opportunities ever existed before. Make yourself ready for the opportunity

Bronze : $5.00 USD – monthly Sliver : $10.00 USD – monthly Gold : $20.00 USD – monthly

Bronze : $5.00 USD – monthly Sliver : $10.00 USD – monthly Gold : $20.00 USD – monthly


Successful people prepare today for the opportunities of tomorrow.

When opportunity presents itself to us, we are always not ready and so we miss it. Successful people know that life is about windows of opportunity and they are always ready.

If you do not prepare for things that you want and desire. You will not grow or change,you will go through life and miss out on the opportunities that are presented to you. Many of us have missed Millon’s of opportunities. Not because God didn’t want us to have them but because we were not prepared for them.

Successful people use a little portion of their time each day to prepare for whatever comes their way tomorrow. If we want to be successful, we have to begin to prepare what you want in life will not just drop in your hand. You have to work for it.

Opportunity will open and if you are not prepared for them, they will pass you bye. If you can take thirty minutes a day out of time for preparation. It will do wonders for you. You need to continually renew your mind in the areas in which you want to be successful. You have to seek wisdom and prepare for the opportunities you want. You have to be ready.

What are you preparing for in your life. Are you preparing for the next opportunity that will come your way. You need to know that there is a Window of opportunity coming and God is going to open it up in your life .

Learn about real estate, investing in the stock market, learn business, read books, listen to CDs use anything that gives you wisdom for life to prepare. It will catapult you into success.

The fault-finders in a firm:

Nothing hurts a firm or an organization than to have its employees holding important positions finding faults with the business. Men of this type should be eliminated.

Fault-finders will spoil an organization and wreck it’s prospect. Men who talk too much and talk unwisely are a detriment to any organization

Never knock your organization if you are not satisfied with it, you should resign and go somewhere else.

You have no right to stir up strife and bitterness while you are receiving salary from an organization.

We have been thought politically to hate people who have been successful in life, that is if a man has gained position of affluence, he must be bad.

That is wrong some men climbed to the place they occupy by sheer efficiency and downright honesty. Class hatred is an unfortunate thing. It does not belong in a democracy. It does not belong anywhere. Why should I hate the man who is smarter than I am, and who has achieved more than I have?

I should honor him and thank God that there are men of that kind.

Class hatred Rob’s a nation of its efficiency; it Rob’s men of pleasure and joy of fellowshipping and working with each other.

We need men who encourage, not men who discourage.

Make up your mind that whatever you say will be constructive.

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